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Tuesday, July 22nd, at Tequila Cantina 1454 Main St, Sarasota,
in addition to I will be playing my tropical, sing-along type repertoire
and interacting with everyone who stops in from the elevated stage behind the bar.

During the first hour, we'll be shooting a phone-cam video for my newly released single,

I would greatly appreciate everyone's help...

Please come out, bring your phone, have some food & drink, sing along,
shoot some video and text it to me.

Everything usable will be posted on youtube, where you can see your work!

Tequila Cantina, as it sounds, is a casual, come as you are, Mexican Restaurant/Bar,
located Downtown on Main St, in the heart of the Sarasota nightlife district.
One of my favorite things about this place, besides the elevated stage,
behind the bar, is that the entire front of the place, facing Main St, is completely open...
no doors or windows! Everyone passing by can see and hear the commotion inside,
so please come out, have fun and help us all raise a little commotion!

A crisp singing voice, simple arrangements and crystal clear sound perfectly compliment an evening at the beach.
Its no wonder a Bradenton Beach, FL proclamation named him the city's "Official Balladeer."

You can purchase CDs from his online Music Store and individual tracks on iTunes!
Hear new music first at Reverbnation

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